Executive Coaching

You may be a small business owner who is ready to expand your business but find it hard to relinquish the reins to allow others to do those things ‘you’ve always done’. We can work with you on how to:

-hire the right people to grow your business,

-work with a new team and learn to ‘let go’

-assess the success of your new team 

-continue to grow your company 

You may be a professional who is ready to move to the next level and need to enhance your skills. Here are just a few of the issues we help you with: 

-Executive presence – learn how to project self-confidence, empathy, and warmth, build on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses

-Communicate clearly and confidently at every level of the organization

-Understand and manage conflict constructively, resolve disagreements quickly.

-How to manage your boss

-Overcome roadblocks to success

-Assessing your leadership style 

Experienced executive coaches and leadership development experts focus on clear outcomes, personal and professional development, and goal setting and achieving those goals.