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Career Transition Counseling 

Business continues to undergo structural changes stemming from mergers, acquisitions and severe competition, both domestic and global. Inevitably, difficult personnel choices are required in reductions and reorganizations. Plant closures are not without precedent. Our programs are designed to meet the specific needs of the client company with an employee surplus.

One-On-One Programs 

One-On-One Career Transition Programs provide individual counseling and full administrative support for a specific period of time, typically from 90 days to one year. Resources include: office space, resource library and data base, Internet access, job leads, recruiter contacts, fax service, laser printed resumes, and Executive Job Search Workbook.

Group Workshops

Outplacement workshops are designed to accommodate up to 15 employees in a group setting, from one to three days, affording similar benefits to the company and the individuals affected as one-on-one programs at a fraction of the cost. The major difference is that resume preparation, job campaign discussions and interview training is done in a group setting. Video tape sessions and work books supplement classroom training. These seminars have proven very successful in cases of plant closures, economic cutbacks and acquisitions. Our programs provide a positive community image for the company and  encourages improved moral and optimism for employees.

Among the topics covered

  • Dealing with the trauma of job loss
  • Accenting a positive outlook & rebuilding confidence
  • Developing job contacts, networking
  • Approaches to prospective employers
  • Coping with family & finances
  • Career continuation & transferable job skills
  • Analysis of the current job market
  • Preparing effective resumes and cover letters
  • Winning techniques in job interview
  • Planning Partnership
  • Preparing Communications
  • Training Notifiers

The Separation Event

The Employer is Able to: The Employee Receives:
Re-energize the WorkforceRestructure the OrganizationImplement Transitions Career Transition Assistance that quickly results in a better job quickly.Individual Coaching and Group Workshops



Restructuring Consulting

Changes makes restructuring INEVITABLE.   A company is not the same after downsizing, acquisition, merger or relocation.

Renewal begins with restructuring planning: A strategic planning team must design actions that will retain skilled workers, maintain quality, introduce new products or services and improve efficiency and finances.

Some will be separated, and notifier training makes that step as positive as possible. It minimizes the trauma while reducing problems, bad publicity and chances of litigation.

Outplacement Consultants provides orientation meetings for those separated. Our consultants help employees to face emotional, financial and career issues, and prove your good will but outlining the career transition services being provided, promoting a positive, future-oriented and self-reliant approach

Manager training in change management can reduce burnout by introducing more efficient techniques of communication and supervision. A restructured company is as good as its remaining producers and managers. If the company is to succeed and be a better place to work, renewed motivation and commitment are required across the board. Our recommitment consulting services help to communicate the new company vision, build new work teams and empower employees.During restructuring, the future of your company is at stake.Outplacement Consultants has the expertise and experience not only to help your people remake your organization, but also to make it work.

For more information regarding the Restructuring process please contact Aaron Lubin at (501) 224-7000.



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